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Postdoctoral fellow


Rodrigo García-Velasco

PhD, University of Cambridge, 2019


Rodrigo García-Velasco is the Sava Ranisavljevic Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, with a secondary appointment at the Crown Family Center for Jewish Studies. He specializes in the history of medieval Iberia, with a focus on episodes of social, cultural, and religious interaction between Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the regions that today comprise modern Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Rodrigo is working towards the completion of his first book, Jews and Muslims Before the Law in Christian Iberia, 1000-1200. This monograph studies how legal classifications of Jewish and Muslim difference first emerged in the municipal law codes known as fueros and cartas de población

His wider research interests include the legal, theological, literary treatment of religious minorities in medieval Europe, transfers between Arabic and Latin literary traditions, the movement of people and ideas across the medieval Mediterranean, and the emergence of theories of pre-modern tolerance or convivencia in nineteenth-century Spanish historiography. 

Before coming to Northwestern, Rodrigo was a Research Fellow and PhD student at the Faculty of History, Cambridge. Prior to that, he studied for a MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS, London; and a BA in History and MSt in Medieval History at the University of Oxford. He is originally from Madrid, Spain. Back to top