Student Awards

Each year, in first week of the Spring quarter, the Department's faculty may submit to the chair and Awards Committee nominations for the following undergraduate prizes:

  • Best Essay for Spanish 200-level Literature and Culture Classes Prize
  • Best Paper for Spanish 200-level Language Course  

    This recognition will be awarded to the best paper written in Spanish by a student enrolled in a 200-level language course on one of the topics covered in said courses. Students will be nominated by their instructors, who should outline the main reasons for the nomination in a brief statement. 

  • Humberto E. Robles Prize for the Best Honors Thesis in Spanish

  • Darío Fernández-Morera Prize for the Best 300-level Essay in Hispanic or Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Josef J. Barton Prize for Undergraduate Service in Spanish and Portuguese
    • This award is given to students who engage in exemplary service under the auspices of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, whether it be as a part of coursework, for example in classes with a service-learning component, or as a part of service initiatives sponsored by the Department.  In order to be considered for the prize, a candidate must be nominated by at least one faculty member or student who must outline the reasons for the nomination in letter form. It is named for Professor Josef J. Barton in honor of his many years of service, at Northwestern and beyond.
  • The Vera R. Teixeira Prize
    • This award is given to students who wrote a paper in any discipline (Literature, History, African or African-American studies, Latino Studies, Political Science, etc) focusing on Brazil, Portugal or other Lusophone regions (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, Goa, U.S). It is named for Distinguished Senior Lecture Vera R. Teixeira in honor of her many years of teaching and service dedicated to Portuguese program at Northwestern and beyond.

The prizes carry with them a monetary award. One paper per class from Spring quarter of the previous year, as well as Fall and Winter quarters of the current year, may be nominated.