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Spanish Major

The major in Spanish is designed to immerse students in the complexity and diversity of literary and intellectual traditions in Latin American and Iberian cultures while achieving fluency in the target language. Students are encouraged to focus on particular interests, such as literary and cultural history, Latino studies, Lusophone studies, race and ethnicity, film, cultural history and others. Many students fulfill some of the requirements for the major through courses taken in Study Abroad Programs.

Prerequisite: Spanish 121-3, 125-0, 127-0, AP of 4, or placement by the Online Spanish Language Placement Exam.

Major Course Requirements: (15 units)

  • at least 1 course that deals with a period prior to the nineteenth century,
  • at least 1 course that deals with literature/culture of Latin America,
  • at least 1 course that deals with the literature/culture of Spain.