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Student Organizations and Spanish Language Groups

Language Groups

One of the goals we pursue in the Spanish and Portuguese Department is to help the students develop their skills and abilities in the target language outside of the classroom through different activities, such as:

Tacita de café

This extracurricular activity will bring together students registered in Spanish 127/197 /207 and other NU heritage students not currently registered in Spanish classes (i.e., Spanish heritage students from other schools in the University) to celebrate, appreciate, and speak their heritage language/culture, through interactive activities on and off-campus. This activity will be co-organized by faculty and students. 

Faculty Contact: Teresa Villanueva


Té con té

This student-driven extracurricular activity will bring together graduate and undergraduate students of all levels to continually develop and strengthen their speaking skills.

Faculty Contact: Reyes Morán

The Spanish Club

The Spanish Club invites students to live the language through hands-on cultural activities that reflect the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. Our objective is to create a supportive community at NU where all can have fun, nurture their curiosity and practice their Spanish in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Events take place on alternating weeks throughout the quarter.  

Faculty Contact: César Hoyos Álvarez