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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Department of Spanish and Portuguese dei statement

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, striving to create an academic community where all members are equally respected and feel welcome, particularly those who have been historically excluded. At the heart of this commitment is our deeply held value that the study of languages, literatures and cultures has traditionally served as a tool to promote cross-cultural understanding, build peace and advocate for social justice. We at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese strive to inform ourselves of the range of struggles that the United States and the world are currently facing, and endeavor to promote anti-racism, gender equity, fair labor conditions, rights for the LGTBQ+ community, respect for different religious beliefs, support for people with disabilities, and sustainability. 

To truly honor diversity, equity and inclusion, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese plans to use this statement as a road map that will help us periodically re-evaluate our departmental structures and ourselves, re-examine our teaching and research practices, our recruitment efforts, our service, and the way we treat each other, so that we can be a platform where all voices are heard and valued. We acknowledge that plenty of work remains to be done in order to arrive to where we need to be, but are committed to improve by active listening, reflection and training.

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