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Spanish Placement Reassessment

*If you score high enough on the online portion, you will earn “reassessment” on the placement exam.  The “REASSESSMENT” (oral interview and written composition) will be required to confirm your level of proficiency.  This follow-up exam will determine whether you have satisfied the Weinberg language requirement and/or qualify for 200-level Spanish courses.


Spanish Reassessment Session 

(Open to all students who earned "reassessment" on the online placement exam.)

Date: Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2023

Time: 11am-12pm  

Location: Zoom, Students who have earned a “reassessment” on the online placement exam will be emailed the Zoom information. 


Other than the September session, Reassessment of the placement test will be held once per quarter prior to registration week for the following quarter. Once you have retrieved your placement exam results (indicating “Reassessment,”) email Elisa Baena, Placement Coordinator, to sign-up.